Re-thinking the shopping experience from the ground up.

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Our Foundation

We speak with people on their terms. 

We don’t blast unwanted messages until user gives in and clicks. We let the user come to us and welcome them with an engaging experience that they won’t find elsewhere.

Each transaction is a conversation. 

We listen to our users and don’t rely on a frigid algorithm. We’re not going to keep pushing that same ugly sweater that the user has already passed on four times.

Quality, quality, quality. 

We know how hard you’ve worked to build a brand and maintain your reputation. We are selective about what kind of brands and product make it onto our platform and we honor branding and messaging requests. This is a win for the vendor and the user.

We have our finger on the pulse. 

We know what kind of product appeals to our audience and we’re not afraid to have an honest conversation about it. We’re not here to serve meaningless impressions and cash your check. We want to sell your stuff.

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We out-perform the market by offering a more direct path to the sale.


Our proprietary channels offer unprecedented control over your merchandise and branding, targeting that is second-to-none, captive audiences, and validated traffic.

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The Benjamin Mobile App

             The Benjamin mobile app offers personalized deals and one minute to decide whether to buy or pass.

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The Benja Display Ad

Online display advertising is riddled with problems but they all boil down to one key: Quality. We built an online display advertisement consumer-first.

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Members of The b List receive special discounts and a sneak peak at new inventory, weeks before it is available on our other platforms. We will send these offers bi-weekly via text message - no additional app download or special website necessary.

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BenjaCoin (BENJA) is a crypto-token built to address a $38 billion set of problems in online display advertising.

You can acquire benjaCoin at EtherDelta or Orderbook.

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... and we like to write, too.

Our blog offers information about our latest deals and more about what we're up to.

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