Gift Option, keep it or toss it?

As we roll into Fall we also begin a major holiday season. First up, Yom Kippur then Halloween then Thanksgiving then Hanukkah then Christmas! You get it, there is lots to celebrate.

 Last year, we launched "gift mode" in the benjamin app:


Gift mode was launched to make gift giving easier. It allows you to tap the gift icon, fill out profile information for the person you'd like to gift then shop around and ship something off. You can easily return to your profile just by tapping the gift icon again. Even better, you can tap in and out of gift mode as frequently (or infrequently) as you'd like. 

The gift icon you see above is in the top right corner of each deal you swipe on in the app: 


Gift mode helped a lot of customers out last year, but we're always looking for ways to improve and cater the shopping experience to you.

Our question is simple, should we keep the gift mode option or toss is? Please reply on our social channels now:




Featuring: The Normal Brand

You may have seen Normal Brand, one of our favorite new brands, show up on the benjamin app over the last few weeks, and we're thrilled to let you know that we've got even more coming. 

The reason three guys came together and started a clothing brand, The Normal Brand, is because they wanted a "normal" shirt. They were after something in between high end designer goods and activewear built for a big game hunt. You know that feeling when you scan your closet and grab your favorite shirt? That feeling when you put on a shirt and don’t have to think about it anymore? You walk out the door and it just feels right? The end goal; something you can and actually want to wear everyday. 

Ladies, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this clothing line is just for men. The good news? Their stuff looks, great, fits great and feels great so really, it's a win win (and a great gift).

Speaking of "feels great", we're going to start with the Puremeso Heathered Pocket Polo. This shirt is incredible and the fabric is beyond words. No, literally, they had to make up their own fabric name now known as Puremeso (PURE-MASE-OH). It's their made from scratch softer than the softest fabric and you're going to love it.

Each polo now just $41.40 while supplies last!

Check out some of their other top sellers below!

The story and the quality behind this product is exactly what drew us to The Normal Brand. We know you'll love it too!

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Mac Hacks

It's Monday (again), so we're going to share some productivity hacks to make leaving the weekend behind a little more bearable. We're all pretty heavy Mac users here at Benja so we're focused up on Mac hacks. Hoping to teach you something you don't know yet and look forward to hearing your favorite shortcuts as well.

Trash it!
Not sure about you, but we save temporary files all the time that need to be trashed. If you have a lot of them and they're all in one location, you can just drag your mouse over all of them to highlight and send them to the trash. However, for the individual files or stragglers, click on the file then command+delete. Boom. Trashed. See-ya! No more dragging and dropping.


Paste text without formatting
This was a game-changer. Have you ever pulled content from a website, an e-mail or some other app on your computer? Formatting is almost always off when you try and paste something from a website to, let's say, excel. Previously, we would command+C, then command+V in the desired location, then find the auto-format button and navigate to "keep destination formatting". Fear not, copy anything with command+C then go anywhere, and paste with command+shift+V. It will match the destination format without any hassle.

Emoji keyboard
Ever wonder why it's not easy to use emoji's on your Mac like it is on your iPhone? Well, actually, it is. For example, let's say you're posting to Twitter from your Macbook, when you want an emoji just command+control+space and you've got heart-eyes, salsa girl and the rest of the emoji keyboard right at your fingertips. 


Finder windows unite
The finder window is clutch in dozens of situations, so it's no wonder most of us always have 6+ finder windows running in the background most days. We do a lot of "drag and drop" scenarios, so they're also useful throughout each work day. However, now, instead of clicking on finder and having to click around to bring the one finder window you want to the front, you can have a much easier view by clicking Finder, dropping down the "Window" menu at the top of the page and clicking "Merge All Windows". Ta-da! Now you have one window but separate locations are now organized by tabs. 

Math is hard
Ok, maybe not all math is hard, but a lot of it I right? It's common to reach for our phone and pop open the calculator or even head to google and just search the math. However, we promise it's much easier to hit command+space and do the math right there.

giphy (3).gif

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Top Pick: Under Armour

With football season back, school getting back in session, adult sports leagues kicking off, we want to make sure you've got the athletic wear you need. One of our top brands, Under Armour, is going to be the focus this week. Not only is their technology top notch, but we love their mission: "To make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation."

Scroll through the images, and click on your size at the bottom of each image for the checkout link.

Ladies first!

Gentlemen, next!

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Football is Back!

That's right, NFL regular season kicks off this Thursday with Chiefs vs. Patriots and then SNF is right around the corner.

We've got every team playing this week, so check out the line-ups below and click on your team to reveal a deal on team gear. 

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How do you schedule?

We're nearing the end of another month which usually gets us thinking of how we schedule things out. There are so many ways to organize your days, weeks and months but we're going to break down some ways we do it here at Benja.

Bullet Journal
Some of you have heard of this, live by it or have no idea what this could be. For the latter, let us introduce you! Bullet journaling is done on squared/graph pages and if you're a creative or visual person you're really going to love this. You create a different chart per day, per task, per assignment and you create your own key as to how you mark things off. 


As you can see above, the real beauty of a bullet journal is it is fully customizable and fully your own. You can have a totally separate journal for work life and personal life or just split one in half and use tabs/bookmark to bounce around in one journal. We will say, once you get into the swing of things, you won't use anything else to track your entire life. 

Get started with this Moleskin notebook, only $15.23.

Get started with this Moleskin notebook, only $15.23.

Spiral Agenda
A true classic, what you were forced to use in Junior High and likely through High School, maybe even into College. Most of us were trained on this, so it may be what many of you still use today (if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?). We don't love the agendas that break each day down by hour, mostly because it gives us anxiety to fill it all up. Just the big monthly calendar can sometimes do the trick if it's big enough or if you write small enough. However, we're into the agenda's that give us a monthly page and some room on daily pages as well. So we tend to fill the monthly page with more personal info (birthday's, family gatherings, travel dates, etc) and use the daily pages to fill in our work stuff (meetings, due dates, goals, etc). 

Erin Condren LifePlanners are definitely geared towards females, but you get the point!  Check them out here!

Erin Condren LifePlanners are definitely geared towards females, but you get the point! 
Check them out here!

Digital Calendar
Were you reading our first two options thinking, who on earth uses pen and paper anymore? Well, some of us do, but that's potentially ironic as we're a tech startup. So clearly we're attached to our Google Calendars for scheduling meetings and calls, but some people map out their entire day online. Whether you use Apple Calendar, Google Calendar or another app, this is most efficient for a lot of people. I mean, how often are you without your phone (never!), this way you never skip a beat. We've all got iPhones (surprise!), so it's nice to have the freedom to plug in our day as things happen. Get an e-mail from a client, open up Calendar, plug in a call to the client calendar (color coded different of course), invite the client, and boom! 


Post-it Notes
We couldn't leave this one out because there is actually a person on our team who is a definite lover of this method. This is more a method of tacking to-do lists, goals and some "must do by" items. However, we know some people use it for things like "3:15pm meeting with CEO" to stick on their computer each morning. Pros; they're easy to carry around and they're sticky. Cons; don't they always end up in the trash? 


Alright, you've got our scheduling secrets, how do you schedule out your life? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Travel Necessities

The Benja team travels a lot. Throughout our travels we've come across some things that we refuse to travel without. Check out some of our must-haves below.

Perhaps the most important, you need a good suitcase to travel with. First requirement, it has to be a carry-on (who has time to check bags every trip?!). Second, is has to have 4 wheels so it rolls flat. If you think those are ridiculous or always break or something else, you have got to try one! Third, it has to have a color offering other than black because we're cool like that. Lastly, it needs some kind of warranty because sh*t happens. After plenty of trial and error we landed on Away luggage.

What sets them apart? There are two USB ports on their carry-on bags to charge your gadgets on the go. Currently offered in over 8 colors. ($225-245).

What sets them apart? There are two USB ports on their carry-on bags to charge your gadgets on the go. Currently offered in over 8 colors. ($225-245).

If you're headed on a work trip or even a "working vacation" you need headphones to make your new workspace(s) tolerable. We're into wireless and earbuds vs. headphones mostly to save packing space. We love these over the ear bluetooth buds and although there's technically still a wire, it reduces our chance of losing them every trip by about 75%.

Only $20.99 for a limited time! ***Pro-travel tip, may sure to throw some old apple earbuds in your bag so you're not stranded on your flight unable to plug-in.

Only $20.99 for a limited time! ***Pro-travel tip, may sure to throw some old apple earbuds in your bag so you're not stranded on your flight unable to plug-in.

Admittedly, some of us on the team can be snobs about hair, body and skin care products we have at home but that don't come in travel size. Hotel products can be lackluster and some Airbnb's don't have anything at all! Take the time, fill em' up with your favorites and breeze through security with these leak proof travel bottles.

Refillable squeezable silicone bottles with clear EVA toiletry case, now just $22.95.

Refillable squeezable silicone bottles with clear EVA toiletry case, now just $22.95.

Depending on where you're going, this next item can be crucial. You may think it's a joke or wondering if we're actually serious, but we are. We typically toss in this TSA approved corkscrew/bottle opener. Think back to a time you were stranded with an ice cold corona and no bottle opener. Or worse, a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc and you find yourself you-tubing "how to open a wine bottle with a dress shoe". It's small and you won't get stopped at security so just toss it in!

Just $10.24! If this isn't for you, this is an awesome gift for someone who travels a bunch.

Just $10.24! If this isn't for you, this is an awesome gift for someone who travels a bunch.

We know some of you are judging us for the corkscrew above, so rest assured we find good ole' hydration just as important. You don't want to buy $6 water bottles for a week or trust that the tap is fine, so we always pack this collapsible water bottle. If you're not into the top of this one there are dozens of variations out there. 

Comes in 5 colors and just $10 right now!

Comes in 5 colors and just $10 right now!

Now that you know some of our travel must-haves, get at us on social with yours; Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Benja Gets Active

It's SUMMER! We love Summer here at Benja and we also have some seriously preferred ways to stay active. We're pretty different but we do drag each other to our own favorite places when we get together. 

Our CEO Andrew loves to spin, run, and is starting to get into kiteboarding! It's important to note he's faithful to ONE cycling chain (Flywheel) and don't you dare try to convince him that, for example, SoulCycle could even be comparable. 

Andrew, and this racoon, make it look easy (it's not).

Andrew, and this racoon, make it look easy (it's not).

Kiteboarding is a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and gymnastics into one extreme sport. Andrew has already taken this interest to Hawaii and Antigua, while also tooling around some of the great spots in the Bay Area.

Kiteboarding in Antigua.

Kiteboarding in Antigua.

Our CTO Tommy is into two things: Ultimate and Disc Golf. You may be thinking "hey! those both require a frisbee!", which only means you're onto his scheme to be practicing for one sport while he's playing the other and vice versa. Here's a real life action shot of Tommy playing Ultimate:

Go Tommy go!!

Go Tommy go!!

Our CMO, Morgan, is game for anything with the exception of running. As of late, the group class she's into is OrangeTheory. It's got something to do with Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (or EPOC), and you wear a heart rate monitor that you can track on the screen throughout the class. Sounds cool (but exhausting). She's also into hiking, being a SoCal native her favorite spots tend to be lined by the ocean.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve hike.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve hike.

What's your favorite way to stay active? Tell us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Release: BenjaCoin ICO Event a Pre-Order, Not Security Issuance

Release: BenjaCoin ICO Event a Pre-Order, Not Security Issuance

Benja shared a letter to the SEC Division of Corporate Finance as part of its continued mission to work with the SEC ahead of its ICO event. The letter offers details of the benjaCoin offering, purpose, and goals. It provides documentation to support the fact that the sale of benjaCoin is a pre-order of future Benja inventory, and that the token is not a security in any way.