Introducing..."Gift Mode"

This holiday season we wanted to give you an easy way to shop for friends and family, so we came up with "Gift Mode". 


"Gift Mode" will allow you to easily switch between shopping for yourself and shopping for others just by telling us a little about the person you're shopping for. The way you do this is simple; tap in and out of the gift box in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


The above gallery depicts the order in which you can enter and exit "Gift Mode" (from left to right):

  1. When you first login, you're in your own profile (or will be asked to create your own profile) to start shopping for yourself. You'll notice in the upper right hand corner there is a white gift box with a blue background. 
  2. If you click that gift box, you're heading into "Gift Mode": "You're entering gift mode! Shopping for your mom, sister, or mister? Whoever it is, the more details you can provide, the better the deals we can load up."
  3. You'll then be brought to the "Interests" page for the person you've shopping for. Tell us what they're into!
  4. The last thing you'll fill out for your giftee is info about who they are? Gender and sizes. 
  5. Then boom! You'll now being seeing deals for the person you're shopping for. Swipe left to pass and swipe right to purchase. You'll know you're in gift mode because the gift box in the upper right hand corner now has a white background. 
  6. When you're ready to exit gift mode and go back to shopping for yourself, simple tap the gift box in the upper right hand corner again: "Leave gift mode? All done with shopping for others right now? No problem. just remember you'll lose this profile and will start fresh when you're ready to shop for someone else again."

On top of this, we're releasing a ton of gift-worthy deals every day. We've got some big surprises ahead, so make sure you've downloaded the app and if you'd like to subscribe to our e-mail list, click here. 

Here's a few of our favorite items to gift:

Multicolor LED Bike-Wheel Lights

Google Chromecast Media Streamer

Kaleidoscope Adult Coloring Books and Pencils Set (4-Pack)

We're excited to share this functionality with you and would love to hear your feedback. Please reach out via any of our social channels below or e-mail us directly at

Happy Holidays!