There's still time!

Cue "gift mode"!

Our loyal shoppers know about the ability to switch in and out of gift mode, in fact, just a couple months ago they voted to keep the feature. However, if you're new to Benja, we want you to know there's still time to buy gifts and get them by Christmas!

Gift mode is great because you don't have to change any of your profile information to shop for someone else on your list. Here's how:

1. Open the benjamin app.


2. Once you're in the app, look at the top right corner for the gift box icon.

regular app.jpeg

3. Once you tap the gift box icon, you'll be prompted to enter gift mode, tap "Get Started".

entering gift mode.jpeg

4. Tap what interests the person you're shopping for so we can load up the right deals.

signup part 1.jpeg

5. Last step, fill out their info to the best of your ability.

sign up part 2.jpeg

6. That's it! The gift box icon in the top right corner is now highlighted to remind you that you're shopping for someone else.

in gift mode.jpeg

7. Done shopping for others? Just tap the gift box icon to exit then hit "Got it" to go back to your profile.

leave gift mode.jpg

Remember, get your orders in by midnight this Friday, December 15th and we'll take care of the rest to get your items to you by Christmas. 

Looking for something you don't see? Reach out to us on social and we'll see what we can do: