How Do You Celebrate?

We're in the spirit over here and enjoying this holiday season.

As we're in the midst of Hanukkah and counting down the days until Christmas, below are some of our favorite traditions and ways to celebrate.

Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving


For this particular tradition, not ALL the decorations need to go up, but the tree is a must. Instead of celebrating another common holiday this day (Black Friday), this day is to enjoy the month ahead of giving and gifting while spending quality time together first. 

Preparing for the annual Hanukkah bash


You might think that this would entail planning any other party, right? Wrong. For this particular party, there's about 30 people invited each year and each person/couple/family is responsible for their dish, the dish they bring every year. The host is responsible for the latkes and the rest comes with the guests. It's the first Saturday of Hanukkah and always a good time.

Tamale party!


This party is messy, loud and without fail always pretty boozy. It's a large gathering of friends and family and friends of friends and the door is completely open here. BYOB and leave with a bag of tamales to bring home. It's a fantastic tradition on the beach, usually two weeks before Christmas and certainly delicious. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just being together with family and friends, we want to know your favorite ways to celebrate the holiday season. 

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