Why "Benja"?

Today, we're going to tackle two of the main questions we get; why did you name the company Benja? And, if your company name is Benja, where does benjamin come into play? We've been stopped mid-pitch to answer this question, at the beginning of meetings, the end, through e-mail, through text and many other ways. So let's break it down.

Enter Benjamin Franklin. Mr. Franklin is, as you may know, featured on the $100 bill. As you may also know, it's "all about the benjamins," and we're stoked to help you save as many of those as possible. Further, the majority of our offerings will cost you less than a benjamin. So that's pretty neat.

When we launched our mobile app, benjamin: sixty-second deals, that worked. But when we started to grow into other areas (like online display advertising), we discovered the need to speak about each of these things individually. We decided that the -min in benjamin could stand to mean "the one minute deal app," (which is why our logo includes a clock) and the rest could call under the umbrella of Benja. 

Have you ever noticed the clock actually counts down 60 seconds each deal you swipe through on the benjamin app? It's true! If you don't buy or pass on a deal in the app within 60 seconds, it will automatically swipe to the next deal. 

So you could still argue we should have stuck with one name, but if you browse around our website you'll see we have multiple facets to our business. We work with vendors to get the best deals, we work with publishers so you can shop the benjamin app deals inside the confines of a display ad, we send irresistible deals via e-mail (sign-up here) and we even have something brewing called The B List.

At the end of the day, it's all about the benjamins.

Bonus Fact: we actually started with a different name altogether .... Ephecom Inc. Which stands for Ephemeral E-Commerce Incorporated. We changed it. You're welcome.

Morgan Reilly