Release: Benja leads charge to bring radical transparency to online display advertising, announces benjaCoin ICO

San Francisco, CA: Today, Benja, the merchandise ad network, announced the benjaCoin (BNC) Initial Coin Offering pre-sale event. The pre-sale event, scheduled to take place August 1st 2017, will raise $12.5 million for the organization as it introduces blockchain technology to its ad network.

"There is a $38 billion problem in online display advertising, and we think that blockchain technology can help," explained CEO Andrew J. Chapin. "The information asymmetry and lack of transparency in online advertising is staggering, especially given the technology we have in 2017."

Along with the announcement, Benja released the benjaCoin White Paper. As the document describes, Benja will seek to leverage blockchain technology to create a more transparent ad bidding process, to address false (bot) traffic, and to eliminate billing friction.

"This is about radical transparency. Agencies and ad networks get away with a lot, marking up advertiser purchases and short-changing the publishers who work so hard to share their work with all of us. We're bringing fairness to online display advertising," explained Chapin.

The benjaCoin Initial Coin Offering pre-sale event is scheduled to take place on August 1st 2017 at 13:00 UTC on Orderbook, an Ethereum-based token exchange offered by Ambisafe. Benja will offer 500 million BNC for thirty days or until sold out, whichever occurs first. Tokens will be tradable on the Orderbook exchange twenty-four hours after the conclusion of the pre-sale event.

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Andrew Chapin