Mac Hacks

It's Monday (again), so we're going to share some productivity hacks to make leaving the weekend behind a little more bearable. We're all pretty heavy Mac users here at Benja so we're focused up on Mac hacks. Hoping to teach you something you don't know yet and look forward to hearing your favorite shortcuts as well.

Trash it!
Not sure about you, but we save temporary files all the time that need to be trashed. If you have a lot of them and they're all in one location, you can just drag your mouse over all of them to highlight and send them to the trash. However, for the individual files or stragglers, click on the file then command+delete. Boom. Trashed. See-ya! No more dragging and dropping.


Paste text without formatting
This was a game-changer. Have you ever pulled content from a website, an e-mail or some other app on your computer? Formatting is almost always off when you try and paste something from a website to, let's say, excel. Previously, we would command+C, then command+V in the desired location, then find the auto-format button and navigate to "keep destination formatting". Fear not, copy anything with command+C then go anywhere, and paste with command+shift+V. It will match the destination format without any hassle.

Emoji keyboard
Ever wonder why it's not easy to use emoji's on your Mac like it is on your iPhone? Well, actually, it is. For example, let's say you're posting to Twitter from your Macbook, when you want an emoji just command+control+space and you've got heart-eyes, salsa girl and the rest of the emoji keyboard right at your fingertips. 


Finder windows unite
The finder window is clutch in dozens of situations, so it's no wonder most of us always have 6+ finder windows running in the background most days. We do a lot of "drag and drop" scenarios, so they're also useful throughout each work day. However, now, instead of clicking on finder and having to click around to bring the one finder window you want to the front, you can have a much easier view by clicking Finder, dropping down the "Window" menu at the top of the page and clicking "Merge All Windows". Ta-da! Now you have one window but separate locations are now organized by tabs. 

Math is hard
Ok, maybe not all math is hard, but a lot of it I right? It's common to reach for our phone and pop open the calculator or even head to google and just search the math. However, we promise it's much easier to hit command+space and do the math right there.

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