Resolutions- Week 3

We're starting the 3rd week into the new year already! That can't be right, can it?! Anyone else still writing "2017" for the date or are we alone on this?

We'll say it off the bat, some of our resolutions have become pretty easy and consistent, but we're fine to admit failure when it happens ... keep reading!

Eat Breakfast
We really are cruising along with this one and rather enjoying it. This resolution really started because not all of us are great at eating in the morning, some days it wasn't all that hard to not eat anything before 12pm each day. Apparently, that's really not good for anyone! Hence, the resolution. We've had a lot of hardboiled eggs, but we need to feature a new favorite this week; sweet potato toast. Haven't done it yet? Grab a raw sweet potato, scrub it, slice it like toast, put it in the toaster, that's it! Top it with whatever your heart desires, avocado, peanut butter, micro greens, you name it.

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All credit to:

Get Outside
So this is going to seem like complaining, but we're just trying to state our facts, it has been cold where we live. Not the kind of cold that is covered in snow and ice, but cold for our normal climates. We did manage to take advantage of exploring new places on the weekend, but only tackled three places collectively this week. Nonetheless, this is an easy resolution that I think we'll keep up with.

Listen to one new podcast a week
One of us got really hooked on the podcast Startup that we mentioned last week, but we're sticking to our goal of trying out one new podcast a week. We have to say, there's always time to squeeze this one in as most podcasts aren't very lengthy and there are so many episodes to choose from if you want to narrow down to certain topics or guest speakers. Here's what we tried this week:

Foundation; Foundation is a monthly video series interviewing influential founders in the tech community
How to Build a Rocketship; Interviews with notable entrepreneurs, diving into everything from funding to growth, culture to sales and everything in between
Startups for the Rest of Us; the podcast that helps developers, designers and entrepreneurs be awesome at launching software products

Limit screentime in the bedroom
You guys, we just can't do it. I mean, maybe we've limited this a bit, but it's hard! Bed is cozy, a lot more cozy than a desk or most other places, so we've failed not only ourselves here, but also you. Sorry 'bout it! We'll stay focused up on our other resolutions and take it from there.


Where are you at with your resolutions?! We'd love to hear what you'd like to share, hit us up on social media: