Resolutions- Week 4

Here we are, the last full week of January. You've followed along with us as we navigated some new year resolutions and we honestly can't believe we're 22 days into the new year! 

Interesting fact of the day: research shows it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So it's also interesting that if you've made it this far with a resolution of yours, you may start to finally feel settled in your new habits. One thing we've found extremely helpful is getting a calendar that you're able to simply check off at the end of the day. That's it, just a calendar full of check marks, nothing else, no distractions. 

Last week you learned of a failed resolution of ours, but we've still got others going strong, so we'll give you one last update!

Eat Breakfast
We're going to be unapologetic to those who don't indulge in our superstar breakfast item this week: BACON. You guys, baaccoonnn! All along we've been trying to make fancy fun breakfast items, when bacon and eggs was there to do the trick all along. Needless to say, our "eating breakfast everyday" resolution is doing just fine!


Get Outside
This week, we actually all found ourselves traveling. At first we thought, well, one week off from our list isn't going to hurt anybody, but then we realized that was lazy and pulled ourselves together. There may even be an argument for exploring more when you're traveling, especially for business when you can typically just find yourself cooped up in meetings/hotels/dinners/etc. So, we hopped on TripAdvisor and each picked a new place in our perspective cities to get outside! This week's favorite was a bit of a drive, but worth the views; Los Lobos trails in Carmel, CA.


Listen to one new podcast a week
This resolution remains easy. We've clearly been sticking to startup related podcasts and some have been amazing, but as we continue this effort to listen to new podcasts, we'll certainly be expanding our searches to other things that might interest us. Until then, here are three that we tried out this last week:

Mixergy; Discover how to think and take action like they do, straight from the founders themselves
The Tim Ferriss Show; Lessons and warnings from successful risk takers
500 Startups Podcast; Weekly interviews and talks with startup founders, influencers and entrepreneurs

Ending note, resolutions aren't just for January. If you're just about to kick off some in February, that's rad too! Hit us up on social media to keep us updated on your progress or any new upcoming goals: