Benja User Refresh!

Since the beginning of 2018, we've welcomed a lot of new users and we want to make sure, if you're one of them, you have all the tools to get what you want out of using the benjamin app (which we imagine is a bunch of great deals curated just for you)

We're going to run through setting up your profile and then want you to reach out to us on social with any tips or suggestions for us to make your experience better. 

Let's go!


Step one:

open the app.


Step two:

tell us what you're into!


Step three:

give us your specifics.


Step four:

link up!

That's it, seriously! We won't bug you with pop-up's, more questions or force you to update your profile at any time. However, if your interests change, you can always open up the menu and update your interests so you're only seeing deals that serve you. 

We want to keep this process simple and clean so you can shop for what you're looking for and purchase when you can't resist.

Have feedback or suggestions? Hit us up on social: