A Wicked Good Boston Weekend (on a Budget)

One of our favorite parts of starting Benja has been that we’ve had the opportunity to participate in several startup ecosystems. Boston, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Honolulu, and San Francisco have each been Benja’s home at various points. Today, we're kicking off a series of posts that feature some of our favorite budget-friendly activities in these Benja-cities. 

This week, we’re highlighting where Benja was born: Boston, Massachusetts.

There is much to be said for the spirit of ingenuity in Boston. The Boston region has served up many firsts for our country: the first college, newspaper, public park, and subway system. It's is the birthplace of the disposable safety razor, the sewing machine, Napster, and Facebook. Boston was the scene for many key points in the American Revolution and if you believe our CEO Andrew Chapin, it's also the home of the world's greatest baseball franchise.

Here are some of our favorite budget-friendly activities to do on your next trip to Boston:

1. South End Arts Market

A trip to any new city isn’t complete without a stop at a market. You get to mingle with locals and admire all the artisanal, local-made goodies. This outdoor market is open May through October and features some up-and-coming designers and indie crafters. You can find everything from laser-cut earrings to graphic tank tops to hand-thrown pottery. If you’re looking for unique souvenirs from your trip to Boston, this is the place to go. Plus, you’re supporting local artists.

Price: Free! Plus whatever you want to spend on artistic items.

Photo courtesy of boston.eater.com

Photo courtesy of boston.eater.com

2. MIT Museum

For all things science and technology, you’ll want to head to the MIT Museum. You’ll get to immerse yourself into a world of scientific discovery and incredible engineering. Some of our favorite exhibits include: Robots and Beyond: Exploring Artificial Intelligence at MIT, Holography, and Sampling MIT which you gives you an inside look into what research is going on at MIT. So, if you’d like to gain a better understanding of our great big weird universe, this is the place to spend a long afternoon.

Price: $10 (adults), $5 (under 18s, students, seniors)

The last Sunday of each month from September through June is FREE!

Photo courtesy of Verner Johnson

Photo courtesy of Verner Johnson

3. Castle Island

This no-longer-island is a great place to escape the city without venturing too far. While it used to be located half a mile offshore of the Boston Harbor, the island is now connected to the mainland so it can be accessed by foot, car, or public transport. You can spend some time strolling through the park and touring the historic Fort Independence. You’ll be able to take in some panoramic views of Boston and the surrounding areas. Make sure to stop off at Sullivan’s for the world’s best lobster rolls.

Price: Free! And take advantage of free guided and unguided tours of Fort Independence during summer months.

Photo courtesy of mass.gov

Photo courtesy of mass.gov

4. Rose Kennedy Greenway

This place is an absolute treat in the summer. A mile-and-a-half long “ribbon” of parks, It features several water fountains (that you can play in!), food trucks, a carousel, and, if that wasn’t enough, free WIFI! So you can enjoy this lovely mega-park while staying connected. Or, skip the free WIFI and take in some rays. Check out their calendar of events for some free activities.

Price: Free!

Photo courtesy of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

Photo courtesy of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

5. Eire Pub

An old-school Irish pub with all the charm of the real thing. Despite its seemingly male-centric clientele, people of all genders are welcome to enjoy their food and brews. Remember: it’s cash only!

Photo courtesy of Eire Pub

Photo courtesy of Eire Pub

Price: Food from $3.75 to $14

These activities merely scrape the surface of all the free and inexpensive things there are to do in Boston. Don’t forget to ask about student, military, and AAA discounts as well as discount cards that you can purchase.

Have a wicked good time!

Jenni Klinger