How to get paid to blog and declare your independence (from your day job)

There is no simple, magic formula to make money off your blog. And declaring your independence from a day job isn’t as easy as starting a war with another country… Or maybe it’s easier. We’re not entirely sure on that one.

We do know that to make money blogging, trial and error will be the name of the game. You’ll need to figure out different combinations of income streams to see what works best for you. Knowing the right technologies to implement, having stellar content, and workin’ your blog off are going to be what gets you the results you want.

While there are a variety of income streams to investigate, we’re going to look at ads. WAIT, don’t close the tab yet. Ads don’t have to be the atrocious monsters we all have come to know. They don’t have to detract from the user experience. What if we told you there was a better way to display ads on your site and get paid more?! Well, friend, there is.

Our ad platform, Benji, is not only interactive and fun to use (more on that here), we also pay 42% more than the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of other display ads. While other ad networks have an average CPM of $2.80, we pay $4.00!

Let’s say your goal is to make $10,000 a year from your display ads. With display ads from Google AdWords (with a CPM of $2.80), you would need 3.6 million visitors.

To make that $10,000 with Benji (with a CPM of $4.00), you would need 2.5 million visitors. A million fewer visitors needed to reach your goal means you can reach is more quickly and use that money to continue expanding your blog.

While display ads are just one way of making money from blogging, they don’t take much to implement and don’t need to be updated. If you’d like to declare your independence from day jobs and start blogging full-time, implementing display ads are a hassle-free way of adding to your income.

To find out more about implementing Benji display ads on your blog, head over to our about page

Jenni Klinger