Cut the line with The B List

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Benjamin product line: The B List.

How The B List works:

When we launch The B List this fall, you'll receive a bi-weekly text offering the inside scoop on the newest deals before they make it to the public. You'll be able to make a purchase directly in the text thread: simply reply "buy" and the deal is yours. We're already stocking the shelves with merchandise for this fall including 75% off Apple Music, half-off Ray-Bans, and more.

And that's not all! If you sign up now, the service is free for life!

What’s in it for you?

As a member of The B List (which is better than being a member of any A-list), we will provide you with exclusive access to our newest deals and even deeper discounts. You’ll get first dibs on our newest gadgets, apparel, homeware, and whatever else the kids are swiping through these days.

We’re making deal-finding simpler.

We understand that although swiping left and right is addictive, it can also be time consuming and you never know if you're going to miss the best deal if you skip a day. We’re always looking to improve our customers’ experience in ways which take into account the busy lives they lead. Minimizing user interaction reduces the amount of time spent staring at a screen and only having to type "buy" makes purchasing that much quicker.

This minimalistic user interaction is becoming more prevalent as design moves in the direction of ‘Zero-UI.’ Zero-UI is all about stepping away from our screens and interacting with our devices in more natural ways, like through voice commands or hand movements (think asking Siri for directions or waving your hand to change the channel with Microsoft Kinect). Our interaction with technology should become simpler rather than becoming a mess of options, screens, and apps.

One way to move toward this Zero-UI is through bots. Since April 2016, companies have been building bots to interact with the 900 million users of Facebook Messenger. This means you can message CNN and get tailored news stories to your interests sent right to you. No need to leave Facebook Messenger, open up another app, and search for the stories you’re interested in. And now, you won’t even have to leave your text message app to make a purchase.

We’re excited to be making this leap because with this extension of our platform, you’ll now have more choices in where and how you find your deals no matter what kind of phone you use.

Are you ready to jump the line? If you join our VIP list now, it's free for life!

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