Meet Benja

Our Story

Andrew and Tommy formed EPHE, later re-named Benja, in Boston in mid-2014. The idea was simple: let's think about e-commerce and try something weird. What started as flash deal mobile app is now the most effective advertising platform of its kind in the world. 

Frustrated by the litany of daily deal e-mails offering the same product (photography lessons, cheap massages in sketchy buildings, brewery tours that are usually free anyway), Andrew and Tommy asked a simple question: why don't these deal sites offer product from any good vendors? The answer couldn't have been clearer: the daily deal business model crushes vendor margin. Surprise: vendors don't like that.

Benja's first product, the Benjamin mobile app, offers personalized deals and one minute to buy or pass. This compelling and unique user experience attracted a sizable audience while the alternative business model protected vendor margin. This model has allowed Benja to work with some of the best brands in the United States, as noted on the partners page. The Benjamin mobile app serves thousands of users each month and was featured on Product Hunt in August 2015.

In 2016, recognizing the opportunity to apply learnings and the Benja methodology to other channels, the company pivoted from a mobile app to a merchandise ad platform. Andrew and Tommy welcomed Morgan Reilly, CMO, to the core team as part of this transformation.

The company, now based in San Francisco, is focused on offering unique e-commerce experiences everywhere, including in online display advertising, e-mail, SMS, and augmented reality.


The Founding Team