The Benja Online Display AD


Online display advertising is riddled with problems but they all boil down to one key: quality.

We built the an online display advertisement consumer-first. We thought carefully about what makes a meaningful ad for the user and we set out to build something pretty, functional, and relevant. After all: few things could improve a vendor's campaign more than a user who is actually happy to see the ad.


By replicating the Benjamin mobile app user experience, we have invited action and created a new advertising experience: one which doesn't waste your time with landing pages or special coupon codes. In addition to making it a more pleasurable experience, we have shortened the sales cycle (and opportunity for drop-off):


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 9.35.31 AM.png
What can be a 10+ step process for traditional online advertisements, our display ad has shortened to 4.

On top of it all, our display advertising network is proprietary as we find the best and most engaged audiences around the web. Many other online display networks simply piggyback their competition - passing your advertisement along, risking your brand and reputation.


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